Drawn picture of Vauxhall Meats store front

About Us

Enjoy a trusted relationship with your butcher, the way that home-cooks once did; before chain grocery stores replaced neighbourhood butcher shops many Alberta communities.

Take a drive through Southern Alberta farm country to meet Garry Fandrick (one of four owners) and Mary Lowen at Vauxhall Meats. You'll appreciate the expertise that comes from generations of experience and an old-fashioned commitment to purity and quality. Find tender and juicy steaks, flavourful roasts and chops and the best ham you've ever tased here. Choose from a variety of carefully hand-made, smoked sausages and get the best beaf jerky you've ever had (customers have it shipped all over the world!)

Need some advice on how to prepare a particular cut of meat? Just ask us! Interested in a custom order? You’ve come to the right place!!

Barbecue season can run year-round in Southern Alberta, so make sure your freezer is well stoked with grill-ready, quality fresh meats and sausage from Vauxhall Meats.

Our beef is graded

Our Abattoir is a Provincial Government Inspected plant and our beef is graded by Canadian Beef Grading Agency Inspectors. Beef grading standards are set by the Federal Government based on recommendations from the industry and the Government Consultative Committee on Beef Grading. Butchers who choose to have their beef graded do so to ensure customers have the best product possible through greater consistency and predictability in the “eating quality” of their beef. What’s more, farmers find it advantageous to bring their beef to a graded facility.
Talk to us if you are interested in more details about grading. We are happy to answer any of your questions!!

We enjoy supporting our community and those living in it, so please contact us for information.